Getting closer

I went to the building supply store and bought some wood. I brought it home and cut it, and built a very nice ladder. Then I set it out in my yard and climbed to the very top.

I’ve begun my journey to the moon now. I’m just going to need a lot more wood.

I’m used to thinking about salvation that way. The chasm I can’t cross. Accepting the gift.

Right now I’m thinking about transformation, though. I’m no closer to that than I am to saving myself. I can’t transform myself. I can’t change. Oh, I can, in the way that I can build a ladder and get closer to the moon. But what I need is going to take throwing my plans for a ladder away and stepping into a different paradigm, just like stepping out of the law and into grace when we first are saved.

Its such a shift that I don’t think I even know how to think in its terms. God is going to have to understand it for me. I don’t understand how big the moon really is, or how far away, or what its made of. I don’t understand rockets or space flight. My world is all about ladders and getting as high as the top of the trees. I must be closer then.

How frustrating it must be for God, when I pick up my hammer again.

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