When hard things are hard

God reminded me today that this life is not intended to be easy.  We are intended to grow, and the process of growing almost always involves discomfort and being stretched.  “Consider it all joy then when you face trials of any kind, because you know that testing of your faith produces endurance.”

I was praying that a situation would go easier for someone close to me.  God’s answer was that he could make it easier, but his love and plan is for it not to be easier because he brought about an opportunity for growth, and it would not be the most loving thing to take that away.  Love supports and encourages and walks with another, but it does not always take all of the pain away.  If someone is training for a marathon you can help them by running with them (if you can do so without slowing them down), but you can’t help them by carrying them or making the training easier.

The trials that God has designed for my life are not the same as yours.  They are designed specially and specifically for each of us, by a God who knows us intimately and is fervently interested in helping us to grow to maturity.  The fact that the training is sometimes painful and hard does not mean it isn’t carefully planned for our benefit.

It is no failing when a hard thing turns out to be hard.

“I am confident that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  He is able, he is faithful, and he is always good.

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