Dancing upon grace

I wandered through the room this afternoon where my kids were watching the Narnia movie. It was on the scene where Aslan makes the deal with the witch. When Aslan and the witch come out of the tent and announce that the witch has renounced her claim on Edmund, there is celebration in the camp. No one but Aslan and the witch know what deal was struck. Only Lucy notices Aslan’s demeanor as the witch leaves.

The celebration in that scene is a picture, it seems to me, of us when we dance upon grace like it is a free ticket for whatever we want to do. “What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase?” Romans 6 asks. “May it never be!”

If we can dance upon grace in this way, we either do not understand the price that is paid for grace, or we do not much love the One who paid it on our behalf.

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