Hello world, take two

In 2008 I started posting to a blog on WordPress.  For a while, I wrote a post about once a week, and people were reading it.  A few years later I quit my job and started a business, and work took over.  The personal blog fell off the priority list.

Looking back at some of my posts years later, I think they are of varying quality.  Some have interesting thoughts.  Some I wouldn’t write now, at least in the same way that I did then.  But that’s the way life is.  We grow, or retreat, at various times and in different ways as we go through our lives.  So I’m going to leave them there, even if I don’t like them at this point.

Now my kids are getting older, and they have interesting things to say.  The other day my daughter wrote a review of a book as part of her school work, and I said “This is really good, you should post that somewhere.”  Then I thought, “I have a place she could post it.  I just need to refresh the look and make it ‘ours’ rather than ‘mine’.”

So here’s the new look.  I hope some of my kids will post articles here.  For that matter, I hope I will post some articles here.  Stay tuned… maybe?

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